11 Bad Habits That Can Harm Your Heart

These days, heart diseases have become one of the leading causes of death for women, in fact one in every three is suffering with heart diseases according to recent survey. Some times things we do aren’t always as simple as they seem to be, probably some of them are harmful and even dangerous.

Even if you are trying to protect your heart from all types of issues, it depends on something that are out of control just like age, genetics, family history etc. Apart from all these factors there are many things out their, just like our regular habits can also lead us to experience heart diseases.

Try to avoid following 11 habits in your regular routine to keep your heart healthy and even wealthy. Because small changes can give drastic results in your life.

11 Bad Habits That Harm Your Heart

1. Skipping Breakfast
You might think skipping breakfast in the morning is not a big deal, but it leads to overindulging throughout the day which means higher intake of calories. Those who eat breakfast tend to consume less fat during the day and probably have lower cholesterol levels and even less weight.

2. Sitting Or Standing For Long Hours
Do you exercise? If yes, that is great. But if you dont do it and sit down for most hours in the day means it creates a problem to your heart. You need to be active all day long and burn calories as much as you can.

Sitting long hours at your desktop cannot help you to be active. Make sure to take short walks between your work to boost circulation in your body and better do push ups during the break.

3. Smoking
If you are addicted to smoking, then it’s time to break your habit for healthy heart. Smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases which include coronary heart disease and stroke. Smoking damages the lining of your arteries and leads to build up of fatty material that narrows the artery and could lead to heart attack or stroke.

4. Consuming Too Much Of Alcohol
For most of the people moderate drinking is good for heart. But, if it exceeds more than a drink it increases fat in the body along with blood pressure. So, it’s better to stick to your daily limit.

5. Not Eating Balanced Diet
The best way to reduce the risk of heart and cardiovascular diseases is by following balanced diet which includes fresh veggies and fruits. Studies have shown that consuming fresh fruits and vegetables in regular routine will lessen chance of heart disease by 20%.

Include foods rich in proteins and vitamins and be mindful while eating red meat like turkey or chicken according to your diet.

6. Ignoring Stress
Stress often pressures you mind, body and even heart too. Try alternatives like meditation and yoga to release tension and stress from your body and to keep your heart healthy.

7. Ignoring Initial Symptoms
If you are undergoing through tightness in the chest or heart palpitations, don’t step backward to reach your physician. Never ignore symptoms that are associated with heart, it’s always better to feel safe than sorry.

8. Overeating
Overeating is a major risk especially for your heart. Try to eat less, avoid over sized portions and replace sugary drinks with water.

Instead of having 3 big meals replace them with 6-7 short meals in a day, so that your craving for food can be controlled along with your weight.

9. Being Salty Snacker
Healthy snacking is obviously important for healthy heart and healthy body. Consuming more amount of salt will increase the blood pressure that puts your heart at risk. Try to replace all salty and sweet snacks with fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat yogurt and even nuts.

10. Not Flossing
However, there is no exact reason but there is a link between gum diseases and heart diseases according to a study.

If you don’t floss regularly, then sticky bacteria and plaque builds up in your mouth that often leads to gum diseases. Professional cleaning helps to reduce inflammation causing bacteria growth that could lead to heart inflammation. So, never forget to floss too.

11. Never Skip Your Doctor Visit
Make sure to visit your doctor every month to know about your cholesterol , blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Don’t wait to work on keeping your heart healthy, regular exercise and eating healthy will protect your heart and helps you to reduce the risk of certain heart diseases.