MUST READ: Recipe For Using Pandan Leaves to Get Rid of Toxins From Liver and Kidney!

Commonly used as food flavoring because of it aromatic smell, pandan leaves, also known as screwpine, is a tropical plant of in the Pandanus genus and is widely used in South Asian and Southeast Asian cooking.

Many countries use the plant, particularly its leaves in cooking. It is quite fragrant and can increase your appetite when added to meals. Pandan leaves are quite nutritious with some health benefits that can surprise you. But when it comes to detoxing, you will find pandan leaves very beneficial.

The main reason why we need to detoxify our bodies is because our bodies need rest from our unhealthy practices, such as eating unhealthy food and being exposed to harmful toxins in the environment that can promote cellular aging. When we detox, we shift out attention to healthy food and drinks, while flushing out toxins that can contribute to the accumulation of free radicals in the body.

How Pandan Leaves Help in Detoxing the Body

Pandan leaves are known for detoxifying the liver as well as the body. It is also a mild laxative and is considered safe for children. The leaves are a natural diuretic and can help improve the kidneys’ health. Apart from this, the plant has also shown abilities of neutralizing toxins and at the same time, the leaves are used to release impurities from our bodies.

The best way to use pandan leaves for detoxing is through the pandan leaf tea which is one of the drink recipes that can help remove toxins from the body. To make the tea, you will need the following ingredients:

 Four pandan leaves
One piece of ginger
Two tablespoons of palm sugar or unrefined sugar
Three cups of water

Once the ingredients above are ready, here’s what you should do to make the pandan leaf tea:

1.Boil water.
2.Once the water is boiling, add the ingredients above except the palm sugar.
3. Bring the ingredients to a boil as you adjust the heat to medium. Do this for 10 minutes.
4.Pour the liquid into a glass or a cup.
5.Finally, add the sugar. Let it cool and you can drink after.

Other Health Benefits of Pandan Leaves

Aside from helping detoxify the body, pandan leaves also have other health benefits, including:

Reducing anxiety and stress
Pain reliever, including for chest pains, headaches, arthritis, and earaches
Reducing oral discomfort
Mosquito repellent

Just by making the pandan leaf tea, you can start the detoxification process and even enjoy the other health benefits of the plant by simply adding it to your meals. You can also use it in baking and deserts, such as in pastries and gelatins.