Here Is How To Reduce Gum Swelling Fast With These 10 Natural Ways!

Gum swelling can be caused by various reasons. It is something that you will definitely want to treat fast, however you don’t need medications to do that since there are various natural remedies that you can use and reduce and treat swollen gums.

What is Gum Swelling?

The gums become swollen when they try to fight some diseases, infections or similar. Therefore, swollen gums indicate that there is probably another problem that needs to be treated. These problems usually include periodontis, gingivitis or an infection. However, swollen gums can also be related to nutrient deficiency or pregnancy.

Gum swelling can happen to anyone and it causes pain in the mouth. Since gum swelling signals a more serious issues, if the cause of the selling is left untreated, you might face more serious issues in the future.

It is easy to treat swollen gums, so when you notice signs of pain, irritation or swelling in your mouth try some of the following home remedies.

1. Salt Water

Washing your mouth with salt water is very easy but helpful for irritated or swollen gums. Salt water acts as a disinfectant, and by constant rinsing with it you can clean infections of any kind and speed up the healing process. You need to mix a glass of water and 1 tablespoon of salt and rinse. Be careful not to swallow this mixture.

2. Lemon Water

Lemon is a natural anti-inflammatory and it can reduce swelling in the mouth. Mix one glass of water and a juice from one lemon and swish in your mouth. Make sure not to swallow this mixture.

3. Clove Oil

Mix some olive oil and a couple of drops of clove essential oil. Next, soak a cotton ball into this mixture and press it directly to the gums allowing it to soak in.

4. Baking Soda

Baking soda destroys bacteria. Make a paste of water and baking soda and apply it gently on your gums.

5. Hot Compress

If the swollen gums are producing pain, try applying a hot compress. Take a clean cloth and run it under warm water. Wring the excess water out and place it on your face over the area which is painful. Leave it there until it is warm and repeat the procedure until the pain disappears.

6. Cold Compress

If you have swollen gums, but you are not feeling pain, you can use ice or a cold compress and reduce the swelling. Take a clean cloth and wrap some ice in it. Put it on the gums until the swelling decreases.

7. Aloe Vera

Soothe swollen gums by using Aloe Vera toothpaste.  Aloe Vera is an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and if you use it constantly it can improve your oral health.

8. Ginger

Mix salt and ginger and apply the paste on the swollen area directly. This will reduce the swelling and the pain.

9. Black Tea

Reduce swelling by using black tea bags. Brew the tea bags and place them on the swollen area.

10. Tea Tree Oil

Add a couple of drops of tea tree oil in your toothpaste. This tea has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce pain and swelling.