Pregnancy is not a disease

Yes. Pregnancy is not a disease, but you should not neglect certain factors that remind you anyway your different physiological state. Whatever the mode of transport, I advise future mothers to take two anti-spasmodic before leaving, and two arriving, for any trip less than 8:00. If it must last beyond, I prescribe two others in the middle.

If there is a time when counseling is welcome, it is pregnancy. Because during these 9 months, the pregnant woman asks herself a thousand and one questions ....

What kind of cheese can we eat? Which foods should be avoided? Which medicines are allowed? What to do in case of, tiredness or nausea during pregnancy? And travel, are they really to be avoided?

The questions of the pregnant woman are many, especially if it is the first pregnancy ... And they are justified. Because the myth of the pregnant woman, then the young mother, who instinctively knows what to do, when and how to take good care of her baby is ... precisely: a myth.

So do not be ashamed to ask questions, to ask for advice. Only here: to a question asked to 3 other mothers, the pregnant young woman may have 3 different answers and advice that may even be contradictory. Which does not help the situation. On the contrary: the confusion will only be greater ...

But do not panic, our special folder for pregnant women answers the most frequently asked questions and gives many very useful recommendations. Discover all you need to know about nutrition, treatments, relaxation, etc:

The interview of a gynecologist who gives information on travel and sport,
Information on diet and dietetics, to avoid taking too much weight, and discard products not recommended.

... and drugs, because in case of problems we would quickly - wrong! - to absorb a treatment present in our medicine cabinet.

Advice in case of fatigue, which often occurs in early pregnancy, but also during the last month.