Physical activity during pregnancy

Men or women, all in the same package : you must practice regular physical activity. But at home, as and when the existence, evolutions appear. These body and hormonal changes require some adaptation in practice to keep all the benefits of physical exercise.

Practice regular physical activity
Two sexes, a rule with respect to health. The universal recommendation is known: 30 minutes of physical activity a day of moderate intensity, 5 days a week, and ideally every day. Added to this are the minimum physical activities of everyday life of low intensity (walking every day, shopping, picking up the car at the car park, washing and drying dishes, cooking, ...). Moving around is always good for your health, especially because you're up.

Physical activity during pregnancy
The results of the few researches confirm the benefits of physical activity on the health of pregnant women.

Thus, the regular practice of physical activity during pregnancy allows:

to improve the physical condition, well-being and venous return of the pregnant woman,
to reduce the incidence of depression and low back pain,
to limit weight gain during pregnancy,
prevent the onset of gestational diabetes.
What sports during pregnancy? Walking, stationary bike, swimming ... That is to say a lot of choice, except activities with risk of falls or abdominal trauma (basketball, volleyball ...).

In terms of frequency and duration, we talk about 15 to 30 minutes of aerobic sports, 3 to 5 times a week, associated with 1 to 2 sessions of 30 minutes of muscle strengthening.

For those who were already active before, as long as the doctor agrees and the body follows, we can consider continuing the practice to a volume greater than or equal to 50% of the volume prior to pregnancy. All while maintaining aerobic activities (requiring large amounts of oxygen), the latter being particularly recommended because they allow to maintain a good physical condition. And for inactive women, the incentive to practice moderate physical activity (walking, swimming, cycling ...) is desirable but without demanding programs. And it is also recommended to limit sitting time: no more than 1½ hours in a row. Beyond that, stand up ladies!