Learn to be free of pressure

It is possible to get less stress if you can make some changes in your daily life. Let's know how to stay stress free-

Do Creative: Create a hobby outside the job.

It can be a lot of things like learning music, painting, stamp collection, and so on. If the creative is busy in any work, it helps keep you free.

Meditation: There is no alternative to meditation to reduce stress. Take out just 10 minutes from your busy schedule. You can meditate before going to bed at night. Regular meditation can be easily handled by various situations easily.

Deep Standing: Work pressure is often tired in the office. There is no pair of Deep Bridges to reduce fatigue. Take 5 minutes break in the job.

Sit straight and breathe.

It should be noted that this flow starts from the abdomen and reaches the brain. Keep breathing as long as possible. Then slowly release the breath by mouth.

Unintentional: It is not wise to worry about what will happen in the future. Rather, pay attention to what you are doing right now. Enjoy the nature of the morning without thinking of going out in the morning without thinking about the office. Enjoy the meal while eating. When working, it is better to concentrate on work without relying on its fruit.

Chat with friends: Keep in touch with anybody who likes to talk to or chat with friends. Loneliness can increase the pressure a lot. Some days you can chat with friends in the coffee shop. Discuss various issues with them. In the weekend, go to the party for the round.

Smile aloud: Laugh loudly The big way to overcome the pressure is smile. Go back to the office and watch the movie with everyone around the family. Share the fun joke with the co-worker in the office bracket.

Listen to music: listen to good music. Music helps reduce the pressure. Download the music app on the smart phone or keep the MP3 player together.

Foods should not be eaten before exercise

Now we all have time to get busy for a long time in the gym. But we do not adhere to some rules of workout in the gym.

As a result of doing good to keep the body healthy, the body gets worse by reversing it. Many do not know, it should not eat any food before workout. So know, do not eat any food before exercising.
1) Food that contains lots of fiber, do not eat all those foods before workout.

2) Studies have shown that eating spicy food before workout can cause digestion problems. Spicy food enhances metabolism of the body. So avoid the spicy foods before going to the gym.

3) Many people are seen to eat fruit juice before workout. But doctors tell me that since the fruit is very sweet in the form of roses, it is not easily digested. As a result, eating fruit juice before exercising can cause stomach ache.

4) Milk products such as cheeses, milk, curd, pane must be removed prior to workout. Because this also reduces nausea, stomach aches and energy levels. Dairy products are digested late.

5) There are many beneficial qualities in raw vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. These are very useful for our health. But before eating out these raw vegetables should not be eaten at all. .

This Desperate Mother Spends All Night On The Internet While Her Baby lays In A Sink. What A Story.

Stephanie Smith, 35, has a little son named Isaiah. When the little guy is born, she couldn’t be happier. When she sees something stranger on her newborn’s skin, the tiny baby’s life transforms into a nightmare.

A red rash breaks out on Isaiah’s skin as he is just 3 months old. Every time when he is exposed to perfume or other intense odors, the rash becomes worse. It gets so bad that Isaiah’s skin ruptures and begins to bleed and discharge.

His doctors decided that Isaiah has a bad case of eczema. So they prescribe him a steroidal topical ointment. The rashes begin to recede at first, but then a new nightmare emerges:

Isaiah’s entire body turns red and the rashes return even worse than before. The little one needs more ointment to tame the severe lesions. But it’s the same story we told earlier.

The rash recedes slightly but then returns even worse. The doctors cannot the reaction. His hair begins to fall out and he is hardly responsive.

“The doctors said it was just eczema,” says his mother Stephanie. “Many doctors came in and out of our room. We saw a GI doctor who told me I was poisoning my son with my breastmilk and I needed to stop immediately.”

After 5 months, Isaiah is struck by an especially extreme outbreak and his skin begins to burst open. He is brought to the hospital and treated heavily with steroids. His skin returns to normal again but after 2 days the outbreak returns. The little boy screams incessantly.

To help Isaiah, Stephanie begins to avoid everyday life experiences to decrease the risk of infection. She wraps Isaiah in medical bandages and applies layer after layer of topical ointment. Even his hands must be wrapped up so that he can’t scratch himself while sleeping.

Isaiah only feels better while in water, which is why Stephanie spends hours sitting next to him while he rests in the sink. This is the only place where Isaiah doesn’t cry.

“Every time when our skin came in contact it would break open and would start discharging like crazy. I couldn’t even put my cheek against his,” says Stephanie who couldn’t even huge her son or hold him in her arms unwrapped. “He was always in pain and screaming. I was always crying.”

“It was like he had no skin,” says Stephanie. “He was constantly in pain. One time it was so bad that I thought: if this is to be his life, then take him to the next one.”

In the throes of desperation as the doctors said they couldn’t help her son, they turned to the internet. On a forum she found a post about “Steroid withdrawal” and sees pictures of children with the same problems. Suddenly she realizes what Isaiah’s problem is.

“There they were talking about the side-effects of the steroids and how it could make skin problems worse when you stop taking them.”

Stephanie decides to stop her son’s steroidal treatment and instead to make her own lotions and ointments, designed to be as gentle to Isaiah’s skin as possible.

A combination of lemon grass and zinc worked the best. Soon, Isaiah’s skin began to develop spots completely free of inflammation.

But even Isaiah noticed what stopped his suffering: when his skin began to itch, he would run to his mother and point to the ointment.

After 10 months of steroidal “withdrawal,” Isaiah’s skin had returned to normal. He is a completely normal 1-year-old. “We saw 35 doctors. They all said that it was eczema. I want to show them the pictures where you can see how Isaiah’s skin has recovered.”

The best is: the boy, that no one could touch, is now cheerful and can run around and play outside. “We lost the first year of his life. I couldn’t kiss him or hold him,” says Stephanie saddened by the memories. But: “Now we can hold him all the time. He’s a great hugger!”

Stephanie tells, as only she can, what happened to her son. She did so because her story could possibly help other mothers whose children are also suffering from the same problem.

Every Sip of This 3-Ingredient Tea Clears Your Lungs of Mucus, Toxins and Inflammation

Almost every one of you has experienced some kind of respiratory problem at some point in life, either cold, allergic reaction, asthma, or just a runny nose.

Yet, most people immediately reach for some medicines to treat these issues, and their disadvantage is that they are high in chemicals and might lead to severe adverse effects. On the other hand, there is a highly effective natural lung cleansing tea which is extremely useful in the case of respiratory issues.

Cough syrups effectively treat the symptoms of cold, but they should always be taken in moderation, as otherwise, they can cause the following symptoms:

Troubles with breathing
On the other hand, patients are often prescribed with corticosteroids in the case of chronic respiratory conditions like asthma or bronchitis. Yet, studies have shown that corticosteroids weaken the immune system and raise the risk of developing a fungal infection.

Mullen is a common weed found all over the planet, with potent medicinal properties which have been used for centuries in the treatment of respiratory problems like chest colds, lung weakness, respiratory constriction.

Despite its numerous other health benefits, mullein is high in saponins, which are organic compounds that act as natural expectorants.

Therefore, mullein effectively eliminates excess mucus from the lungs and relieves congestion and other symptoms, and fights bacteria and viruses. Bacteria and viruses are the main culprits for the disease and they trap in the mucus.

Moreover, mullein also has strong emollient properties, which soothe the throat and alleviate the pain due to coughing. Regarding all this, mullein is a perfect natural remedy for all respiratory conditions, even the chronic ones like asthma and bronchitis.

This is how to use all the benefits of mullein in the form of a tea. The warm liquid will also loosen up the phlegm.

Recipe- mullein tea


2 teaspoons of mullein leaves
1 1/2 cups of water
1 teaspoon of dried spearmint (optional)
1 to 2 teaspoons of honey (optional)

Boil the water, and submerge the mullein leaves in the water with a tea ball or a strainer. You can add spearmint in a separate tea ball or strainer as well. Allow it to steep for 15 minutes, and add honey to taste.

This natural tea will treat the cold and all other respiratory infections, and also alleviate their symptoms, like pain and congestion.

Source: http://bit.ly/2tV3cB2

Turmeric And Honey – The Strongest Antibiotic From Nature

Turmeric is an extremely popular spice with potent medicinal and culinary properties. It has been commonly used in the Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Indian medicine for centuries.

This spice with a characteristic flavor and color has been used in the treatments of respiratory issues, liver diseases, skin conditions, cuts, wounds, sprains in muscles, and gastric issues.

Numerous studies have shown that turmeric is extremely helpful in the case of infections, digestion problems, inflammation and even cancer.

Its active ingredient, curcumin, is responsible for most of its health benefits, as it provides antioxidants, treats microbes, soothes inflammation, and many others.

Due to its ability to destroy microbes, turmeric treats gastritis, digestive tract issues, peptic and gastric ulcers, and Helicobacter pylori.

 Researchers have found that curcumin

Has a positive effect on the inflammation molecules, cell survival, and DNA
Positively affects the membranes in the human cells
Positively alters 700 genes and 160 physiological issues
Due to the potent anti-inflammatory properties, curcumin also soothes osteoarthritis pain. To alleviate this pain and improve mobility, take 200mg of turmeric on a daily basis.

Experts also reveal that this spice treats heart and lung problems, liver issues, metabolic issues, neurological issues, inflammatory problems, and autoimmune disorders, as well as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Also, a recent animal study has found that turmeric contains turmerone, a bioactive item that boosts the function of the brain, repairs brain cells and thus treats Alzheimer’s disease.

Moreover, its health properties inhibit beta-amyloid, which created plaque and thus interferes with this disease.

Studies also indicate that curcumin, due to its strong antioxidant, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties, effectively treats all types of cancer, including lung, colon, liver, breast, bowel, and stomach cancers.

According to Dr. William Lavalley, famous natural physician, this ingredient affects cancer cells due to molecule paths when it enters the cells, destroying the cancerous cells while leaving the healthy cells unaffected, which s not the case with chemotherapy.

Moreover, turmeric mixed with raw honey provides, even more, health benefits. This combination helps digestion, fights bacteria and viruses, and increases the number of good bacteria in the intestines.

The following recipe unites all these health benefits of these natural ingredients and represents the best natural antibiotic:



1 tablespoon Organic turmeric powder
100 g honey

In a glass jar, just mix the ingredients.


If you have a cold or flu, take half a tablespoon of this remedy on every hour. The next day, take the same dose but on every two hours. The third day, take the dose three times during the day.

You should melt the mixture on the mouth, and not swallow it right away. You can also drink it in your cup of tea or milk.

Source: www.dietoflife.com

Here Is What Happens to Your Body When You Eat 2 Eggs a Day. I Would Have Never Believed No.3. Awesome!

In the past, eggs were advertised as bad due to the high levels of cholesterol in them. Hence, a lot of doctors and medical experts advised against eating eggs because of the damaging effect the high levels of cholesterol can have on the health. However, nowadays, we all know that this was just a common misconception blown out of proportion. In fact, eggs are one of the few perfect foods for our health, i.e. they’re rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants! Amazing, right?

The Benefits of Eggs

Doctors suggest eating 2 to 3 eggs daily to better our overall health. This is because eggs have an abundance of health benefits. We’ve made a list of the best ones below:

Lower the risk of cancer- according to a study published in the journal Breast Cancer Research, eating eggs on a daily basis can lower the risk of breast cancer by 18%! Namely, eggs have amino acids, minerals, and vitamins that will stabilize the estrogen levels that can sometimes be the main cause of breast cancer.
Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease- eggs have 40 grams of good cholesterol that can prevent a variety of heart diseases. In the past, experts thought that eggs increase the levels of cholesterol, but, this is wrong, i.e. our body regulates its own levels of cholesterol and most of the cholesterol is produced by the body itself. The richness in omega-3 fatty acids in eggs can decrease the levels of triglycerides and prevent cardiovascular problems.
Better the eyesight- eggs are rich in lutein, zeaxanthin, and vitamin A which improve the eyesight significantly. Vitamin A is necessary for seeing in the dark whereas lutein and zeaxanthin are potent antioxidants that can prevent radical damage and eyesight problems by strengthening the vision.
Protect the brain- choline is an important substance present in eggs and it’s pivotal for the brain. This is a neurotransmitter which sends stimuli to the brain and nervous system and when its levels are low, the memory and brain function are negatively affected.
Slow down the process of aging- a study done in Germany showed that eating eggs on a regular basis can stop the aging process and prevent skin cancer. This is because they have organic pigments like carotenoids that slow down the process of aging. To benefit the most from eggs, eat them boiled.
Decrease the risk of birth defects– eggs have 0.7 mcg. Of folic acid which is vital for pregnant women because it lowers the risk of birth defects and prevents damage to the nervous system of the embryo.
Support the health of the skin, hair, and liver- the yolk of eggs has protein and sulfur which have the power to revitalize dull and weak hair and better the quality of the skin. Lecithin, another substance in eggs, helps the liver in the detox process and it also betters the digestion.
Encourages weight loss- eggs can satisfy cravings and reduce your appetite which will result in a successful weight loss.
Keep the bones healthy- eggs have calcium and vitamin D which are essential nutrients for the teeth and bones. Studies point out that these 2 substances work together to keep the metabolic processes in the bones steady. The vitamin D in eggs, which we mostly get through the sun, is necessary for a long list of bodily processes.

All in all, eggs are definitely one of the healthiest foods in the world and they cannot harm your health, as it was thought in the past. They have nutrients that can regulate an array of body processes and better the overall health.

Important to note:

If you suffer from diabetes or heart problems, you shouldn’t eat more than 3 eggs per week.

35 Awesome Outfit Ideas You Can Wear On Thanksgiving Day

cute outfit_hat + off shoulder sweater dress

trendy outfit idea : nude coat + top + black distressed jeans + heels + bag

incredible white outfit / blazer + printed top + bag + pants

what to wear with ripped jeans : black bazer + top + bag + heels

how to style a nude hat : white suit + blouse + bag

beautiful red outfit / dress and heels

fashion trends | blazer + shorts + white top + bag + heels

what to wear with plaid pants : brown top + coat + loafers

how to wear heels : plaid blazer + printed top + black skirt

white and black | printed t-shirt + skirt + heels

elegant outfit idea : plaud blazer + printed tee + white pants + bag + heels

casual style obsession / blush vest + bag + printed tee + boyfried jeans + lace up heels

amazing outfit / glitter blouse + skirt + brown over the knee boots

fashionable outfit_nude coat + skirt + white blouse + over the knee boots

how to style white pants : bag + blazer + top + heels

how to wear a nude coat : boots + bag + white shirt + jeans

ootd | plaid suit + bag + top + sneakers

awesome outfit idea : fur jacket + white dress + heels

outfit of the day | coat + bag + top +boots + leather pants

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cute outfit / knit oversized sweater + bag + black skinnies + heels

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what to wear with a knit sweater : ripped jeans + red heels

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what to wear with a scarf : white blouse + rips + bag + boots

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how to wear with a pald scarf : bag + top + rips

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cozy outfit / grey knit scarf + white top + skinnies + over the knee boots

how to wear a scarf : knit cardi + white top + bag + skinny jeans + boots

what to wear with a stripped top : white cardi + bag + jeans

Make Your Workout Fun – Top 10 Fitness Tips

Craig Ramsay has shaped up A-listers from Hollywood to Broadway. He gives you his ultimate fitness tips to get fit, whether you're new to working out or a dedicated gym junkie.

1. Let the good times roll.

Make Your Workout Fun - Top 10 Fitness Tips

Dial up the fun, because it helps you exercise longer and harder – and it puts the kibosh on dreading workouts. Crank up the music and dance like nobody's watching. Take a Zumba or pole-dancing class. Play tag with your kids.

2. Go social.

Make Your Workout Fun - Top 10 Fitness Tips

Social media can boost your motivation and keep you on track. Announce your fitness goals on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. "You'll be surprised how many people help," Ramsay says. They'll rally behind you, offer tips, and steer you away from missing a workout.

3. Make the world your gym.

Make Your Workout Fun - Top 10 Fitness Tips

Do stretches in the grocery line. Do ballet moves while pumping gas. Take the stairs. Sitting in traffic? Squeeze your lower abs, then release. "You'll be amazed at how much you can develop your core strength while driving," Ramsay says.

4. Pump yourself up.

Make Your Workout Fun - Top 10 Fitness Tips

Positive self-talk can boost your motivation. Look in the mirror and observe how strong your muscles are. Applaud yourself for getting fit. Recognize the goals you've met.

5. Break up your workouts.

Make Your Workout Fun - Top 10 Fitness Tips

If you dread a long workout, break it into small chunks. "Five minutes here, 5 minutes there -- it all adds up," Ramsay says. Stretch for 10 minutes before your morning shower. Take a brisk, 20-minute walk at lunch. Lift weights while you wait for your pasta water to boil.

6. Stretch.

Make Your Workout Fun - Top 10 Fitness Tips

It makes you more flexible, relieves muscle tension, and improves posture. It also helps you tune in to your body, Ramsay says. No time? No problem. Stretch while watching TV or lying in bed.

7. Say no to sports drinks.

Make Your Workout Fun - Top 10 Fitness Tips

"Unless you're a pro athlete, they're not necessary," he says. "I see it all the time at the gym." Sports drinks are loaded with extra calories. Try water with lemon instead.

8. Pair cardio with weight resistance for fast results.

Make Your Workout Fun - Top 10 Fitness Tips

"For my celebrity clients who need quick results, I combine cardio and resistance training," Ramsay says. While pedaling on an exercise bike, add 30-second sets of bicep curls and overhead tricep extensions. Add bursts of shoulder presses while you walk on the treadmill.

9. Embrace the next level.

Make Your Workout Fun - Top 10 Fitness Tips

Don't balk at super-challenging workouts. They're tough for a reason: They work. When Ramsay asked actor Cheyenne Jackson which exercise he dreaded most, he said burpees. "So I put him on a 30-minute burpee routine, five times a week," Ramsay says. "In 6 weeks, he was a different man."

10. Challenge yourself.

Make Your Workout Fun - Top 10 Fitness Tips

Step it up. Work out 5 minutes longer. Raise the incline level on your treadmill. Go for a few extra repetitions. It makes a difference. "We should always be pushing ourselves," Ramsay says. But if it feels too intense or you don’t have enough breath to hold a conversation, slow down.

Source webmd.com