7 Things Moms Most Likely Didn’t Know About How To Take Care Newborn Baby

About 1 century ago 100 of 1000 women died when they welcome a baby in Earth. Of all the ways women meet their death giving birth was one of the most common things. But now in modern time death decrease into 5%. It recovered blessing of modern technology and society awareness. Women should take rest minimum for one month after baby birth.


Newborn babies are very sensitive. We all know, becoming a parent is the most pleasurable event of human life. But we don’t know. Only some simple ignorance of baby and mother at this time especially can turn the time in opposite way. More drastically, the results become death for mother or baby or maybe both.

But we highly expect this not to happen in anyone’s life. Particularly, if you are pregnant and want to experience a most memorable part of your life by giving birth of a child. I advise you not too scared and take everything positively. Firstly, if you are expecting, you should be confident to take care of yourself better. It will make you strong to go for next step. That is, taking care of a newborn.

However, I hope you are on this page to know more about child caring system for a parent. So, without talking more, I am going to tell you 7 un-discussed matters, which will help you to take care of your baby both physically and mentally.

7 Things Mom Needs To Do Without Hesitation After Giving Baby Birth
  1. Contact With Your Baby – Hold Close To Your Body Skin, as like Kangaroo. Give your Newborn more priority.
  2. Talk With Your Doctor About Baby Vaccine Plan & Schedule
  3. Organize your doctor, friends and relatives contact information.
  4. Forget about all critical House Work before your baby meets 1st month. Avoid to take more spicy food. Take organic food, fruits, juices. If you keep yourself healthy your baby will also healthy.
  5. Breast Feeding your Baby every 2 – 2.30 hours before start crying. If possible avoid to feed formula till 6 months.
  6. Talk & play with your baby. Buy some musical toys to attract baby’s attention. Always keep your mind cool about your newborn activities & handle it wisely.
  7. Check your baby diaper & don’t wear diaper 24 hours. It may cause Rashes.

What are particularly wishes for Newborn Baby ? Checklist Ideas are here !!!

  • Cotton Cloths In Summer
  • Warm Cloths For Winter Season
  • Feeding Kit – Bottles, Pacifiers, Bibs
  • Bottle Warmer
  • Breast Milk Storage Bag
  • Electric / Manual Breast Pump
  • Nursing Pillow
  • Feeding Accessories Cleaning Kit
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Diapers
  • Oil Cloth
  • Crib Matters
  • Blanket
  • Toddler Crib, Bassinet
  • Changing Table
  • Rocking Chair For Mom
  • Bath Tub, Soap, Shampoo, Towels
  • Lotion, Oil, Powder
  • Nursery Care Kit
  • Cool Mist Humidifier
  • Baby Carrier
  • Child Walker
  • Baby Jumper
  • Baby Best Umbrella Stroller under 200
  • Car Seat
  • Excessive / High Chair
  • Musical Toys For Amusing
  • Baby Display / Monitor

Don’t know the real reason why many of Mom don’t breastfeed. If the milk supply is not enough that’s the another thing. But 85% of USA women aren’t breast feeding their babies for very long time. Milk supply is adequate but they consider switching to formula milk.

  1. How can you communicate with the newborn baby?

As a mother, you are the first person to understand your child more. So, try to communicate with him through talk or use sign. Usually, they give some agreement signs like smiling, babbling, cooing. Sometimes, they express disagreement sign too like crying, fussing, pulling away, etc. so, it is better to understand his language and act accordingly.

  1. Infant attachment is essential or not?

Attachment is nothing but emotional bonding between a mother and a child. Once if you be in touch with your baby, you can make better attachment I swear. It is essential for baby’s development particularly the first year of his life. The child feels so especial and grows well. On the other side, lack of attachment can make the baby feel so insecure and acoustic.

But how can you create a secure attachment with your little one? Well, my rest of the five instructions will give you the detail idea about this.

  1. Be with the baby most of the time:

The precondition of attachment is to be with the baby most of the time. If you have helping hand, you make them busy with other work, but I suggest you at least maintain to be with your newborn at the time of feeding, sleeping and shooting time. The more emotionally you will available, the more secure he will feel.

  1. Do you know why baby cry or scream?

The secret of keeping your newborn safe and sound is to understand his activity or clues. Suppose, if he starts moving back and forth or frequently vomits it signs that he is not feeling well or getting stomach problem. So, you should take the necessary step to feeling him worm

  1. Make the home environment child- friendly:

The home environment has a great impact on poignant child activities. Try to keep baby’s room well-decorated neat and clean. Put light shaded color on the wall and do not make the room so noisy. Teach him to be familiar with the room surroundings slowly and nicely.

  1. Health cleanness:

It is very simple. If you do not keep baby clean, he will start crying or do something worse even. So, always change the diaper when he needed. Wear him clean clothes and make sure his play things and feeding bottles are hygienic.

  1. Try to follow the daily routine:

If you do all the work (feeding, playing, sleeping, bathing) in everyday basics the child will also feel inner confidence, and his disturbance will reduce. Incomplete timetable (suppose, you feeding him when he is not hungry) can increase anxiety and stress.

So, what are you thinking? “Attachment” is needed or not. But I do not like to define attachment to only touching or shooting. But I feel it covers everything if you can maintain it. So, try and enjoy the experience.

Your newborn baby needs to play with high contrasts color, coz they attract lots of it.

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