Skin Gritting; Learn How to Remove Your Black Dots in Seconds!

Skin Gritting

Skin gritting is referred to as removing the appearance of black dots on the skin. But it is not a genuine method of doing so and can be done at your own risk, as a result of this, you can have so many problems. One of the most amazing technique shown in the English Reddit Forum, skincare addiction, this is such a place where people gather to discuss about cleansing method of skin and give tips and tricks regarding that.
Gritting comes from the word “grit”, which means clay or sand. It is such a wonderful thing that assures you to remove the old pimples without having any sort of pinching or scratching. So gritting is a modern technique and you would thank for it. Now the impurities will remain in the palm of your hand and you’ll not have to apply any kind of effort.

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skin gritting technique to remove blackheads

What is Skin Gritting and How Does it Work?

In this method, you would have to prepare two cleaning products for your skin. First is a mask, based on special clay and second is oil cleaner.
This product is not really powerful for the oily skin or for those who contain skin problems. There is a principle of making this product which is so effective is despite using this type of cleaners. As the oil dissolve the fat.
Cleaner works to make your skin soft and remove blackheads. Whereas, the mask works to purify and releasing any blockage from the pores.
You should remember first that all the skin is not same. The above image shows that this technique is might not be effective as for others. So it will be useful if you try different methods so you will be right to choose the best for your face.

Skin Gritting Step by Step

The cleaning method is so simple and easy to do and it needs only few steps to prepare:
1. First, you should be sure that your face is clean from any dirt and dust.
2. Take a cotton in your hands and apply the oil cleanser cover through the entire face.
3. When the oil gets absorbed in your skin then put on the clay mask and let it to dry. Finally rinse it off.
4. Now replace the cleaner by doing circular massages each time with the palms of your hands.
5. Finally, you can notice how the detached points are in each hand as in the previous photo.
skin gritting for blackhead removal
In this video tutorial, you can see step by step information to apply this technique. Remember that you should not rub your skin, but massage it gently.
As you notice in this video, he does not have so many pimples so the method seems less impressive. May be he should use another type of product to get his face cleaned. What he cannot deny is that his face is much cleaner than before after using this process.
Remember to keep unscented absorbent wipes with you to absorb all the dirt and oil from your skin and to balance with a good moisturizer.

While it is not clear how skin gritting effective for all skins, after consult the dermatologist try this skin gritting technique if you want to get rid of pimples.