When you’re SO over your boring walkway, this might be the most inexpensive way to dramatically transform it!

Make a boring walkway into an interesting look of flagstone and slate stones.

stepping stone hack

boring concrete walkway. Do you want to add some flair? I purchase a “walkway mold” for about $12 at Home Depot, and 4 colors of spray paint. I chose brick red, slate grey, white, and dark brown.

stepping stone hack

Place mold on the walkway, and randomly spray paint the cut-outs the colors you chose. Move the mold/stencil down the walkway, spraying each section, as you go.

stepping stone hack

Almost done. If you notice bare spots, you can always touch up by re-placing the stencil and spraying again.

stepping stone hack

This is the completed look.

Materials I used for this project:
4 cans of spray pain (various colors) for out door projects   (Home Depot)

Pathway Maker mold/stencil   (Home Depot)

18 Foods That You Should Eat When You Can’t Poop

What Causes Constipation?

foods that make you poop, person on toilet

There are a lot of possible causes of constipation.

This can range from changes in diet or activity to eating too much dairy, not getting enough water or fiber in your diet, and stress.

It might seem counterintuitive to add more food to your stomach when you’re all blocked up, but there are actually a lot of foods that can help with constipation.

Foods That Make You Poop
Food #1: Pears

poop food pears

Fruits and veggies are good for constipation in general because they are good sources of water and fiber.

Pears, apples, and plums have a lot of fiber in their skin, so the best way to eat them is raw.

WebMD explains that “this sweet fruit is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, and it has a lot of fiber and water, which can help with constipation.”

Food #2: Popcorn

poop food popcorn

Popcorn is not only a delicious snack, it’s also a great food to help relieve constipation.

WebMD explains that it’s filled with fiber, which many people are not aware of. Fiber helps get things moving, which can make pooping easier.

Dr. Charlene Prather explained to Everyday Health, “Popcorn is a great low-calorie way to get more fiber in your diet.”

Food #3: Almonds

poop food almonds

Almonds are great for relieving constipation.

Like other nuts, they should be eaten in small amounts, along with plenty of water.

Additionally, seeds are great for aiding digestion as well, so if you’re not in the mood for almonds or other nuts, grab a handful of pumpkin or sunflower seeds.

Food #4: Lentils

poop food lentils

Lentils, which are high in fiber and have similar properties to beans, are great for making things move along in your gut.

WebMD explains, “These can make for a great side dish (try them with sausage), and they’re good in salads, too. They can even be hearty enough to have as a main course, thanks to a healthy amount of protein. And, oh yeah, they help you poop.”

Food #5: Potato Salad

poop food potato salad

According to WebMD, “Cooled potatoes have fiber and a lot of something called ‘resistant starch.’ This ‘resists’ digestion, and some of it ends up in your large intestine, where it helps good bacteria grow.”

Another great way to get your potato fix? Baked potatoes or baked sweet potatoes.

Potato skins have a lot of fiber, so make sure to keep the skins on when you cook and eat them.

Food #6: Watermelon

poop food watermelon

Watermelon is more than just a yummy summer snack, it’s a delicious way to get things moving down there.

“It doesn’t have a lot of fiber,” WebMD explains, “but it’s 92 percent water, and that can encourage a bowel movement.”

Food #7: Oatmeal

poop food oatmeal

Oatmeal is not only a delicious breakfast food, it is also jam-packed with both soluble and insoluble fiber.

According to Health.com, “Insoluble fiber adds bulk to stool and helps food pass more quickly through the stomach and intestines, while soluble fiber dissolves in water and forms a gel-like material. Together, the two types of fiber work together to bulk up stool, soften it, and make it easier to pass.”

Oatmeal also absorbs water, which aids with digestion, according to WebMD.

Food #8: Raspberries

poop food raspberries

Everyday Health says, “For a sweet constipation remedy, take your pick of luscious raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries.”

Food #9: Prunes

poop food prunes

One of the first foods for constipation that comes to mind is prunes, and there’s a good reason for that!

All dried fruits are good for constipation relief, so you can take your pick of dates, figs, prunes, raisins, apricots, and more.

Dr. Prather says, “Prunes in particular are great because they not only are high in fiber, but also contain sorbitol, which is a natural laxative.”

Food #10: Coffee

poop food coffee

If you’ve ever noticed that you have to poop after drinking your daily cup of coffee, there’s a reason for that.

“Experts believe that coffee stimulates muscle contractions in the colon, which then helps you go to the bathroom,” says Health.com.

Food #11: Yogurt

poop food yogurt

Yogurt, on top of being a delicious snack, is also very good for your digestive health.

“Many yogurts contain live active bacterial cultures, or probiotics, that replenish the good bacteria in your gut,” Health.com explains.

Food #12: Kiwis

poop food kiwis

Dr. Elizabeth Blaney explained to Health.com that the main problem with a lot of fruits is that they’re high in sugar, which can cause gas. She does add, though, that high-fiber, low-sugar fruits such as kiwis don’t bring on bloated tummies.

Food #13: Oranges

poop food oranges

Dr. Gina Sam of Mount Sinai Hospital spoke with Health.com about the benefits oranges can have on digestion.

Instead of drinking orange juice, go for an actual orange.

Health.com explains that “citrus fruits contain a flavanol called naringenin, which Chinese researchers in an animal study found could work like a laxative to help treat constipation.”

Food #14: Spinach

poop food spinach

Spinach, like most of these other foods, is high in fiber. It also has magnesium, which is helpful in relieving constipation.

Dr. Blaney explains that magnesium helps the colon contract, and it also “helps draw water in to flush things through.”

Food #15: Beans

poop food beans

Health.com writes, “Beans contain resistant starch, a fiber-like starch that helps improve transit time in the colon, acts as a mild laxative, and helps balance the bacteria in your GI tract.”

“Cup for cup, beans can provide twice as much fiber as most vegetables,” explains Everyday Health.

But if traditional beans cause you too much discomfort, you can opt for green beans instead. They’re very different from traditional beans, though they still have a good amount of fiber. Additionally, they’re low in fermentable sugar, so they won’t make you gassy like normal beans.

Food #16: Whole-Grain Bread

poop food whole grain bread

Everyday Health explains that “increasing the whole grains in your diet is an effective constipation remedy.”

Eating whole-grain bread is also a good way to avoid future blockages: they’re high in complex carbohydrates and fiber while being low in fat.

Food #17: Broccoli

poop food broccoli

According to Everyday Health, “Broccoli is a superstar source of fiber. Broccoli is low in calories and a great source of nutrients.”

Food #18: Nuts

poop food nuts

Like many of these other foods, nuts have huge amounts of fiber. According to Everyday Health, some of the best nuts are peanuts, walnuts, and Brazil nuts.

Just make sure not to eat too many: nuts are calorie-rich foods, so you should only eat a few at a time.

Have you ever tried any of these foods to relieve constipation? Is there anything we left off this list? Let us know in the comments below!

A homeowner wanted to fill the “large empty space” above her fireplace. How she does it? Gorgeous!

I had a large empty space over my fireplace and wanted a wall with some wow.

diy beveled mirror tile overmantel, fireplaces mantels, home decor, home improvement, living room ideas, wall decor

I thought some type of mirror might be nice…until a local glass company told me an unframed beveled-edge mirror in the size I needed was upwards of $600…and required professional help to hang it. (Can you imagine how much it would weigh?)
After looking for inspiration on line, I decided to build an overmantel. I’d use purchased wood molding to duplicate the woodworking of the original fireplace and these beveled mirror tiles:

diy beveled mirror tile overmantel, fireplaces mantels, home decor, home improvement, living room ideas, wall decor, via Lowe s
via Lowe’s

Seemed pretty simple…attach the squares, trim with molding, paint and enjoy!
This was the plan:

diy beveled mirror tile overmantel, fireplaces mantels, home decor, home improvement, living room ideas, wall decor

But the devil is in the details. And it seemed that each seemingly simple step came with unexpected problems to solve. Well…. they were unexpected to ME since I was making this up as I went along.
Problem-solving is at the heart of every true DIY project. You just have to think your way through it and not give up. It’s all worth it in the end. (Visit DustandDoghair.com for the full blog post AND my solutions.)
I had to figure out how to SAFELY attach the mirrors to the wall…

diy beveled mirror tile overmantel, fireplaces mantels, home decor, home improvement, living room ideas, wall decor

deal with packs of uneven tiles….

diy beveled mirror tile overmantel, fireplaces mantels, home decor, home improvement, living room ideas, wall decor

and find a way to make all the uneven edges of the tiles look even…

diy beveled mirror tile overmantel, fireplaces mantels, home decor, home improvement, living room ideas, wall decor

Attach a large wood header securely to the wall, then trim it out with moldings (and miters!!!).

diy beveled mirror tile overmantel, fireplaces mantels, home decor, home improvement, living room ideas, wall decor

There were several times I thought about quitting…but I stuck with it. And am I glad I did!
Because now my fireplace looks like this:

diy beveled mirror tile overmantel, fireplaces mantels, home decor, home improvement, living room ideas, wall decor

diy beveled mirror tile overmantel, fireplaces mantels, home decor, home improvement, living room ideas, wall decor

All that’s left is to decorate!

Start Losing Weight Fast Just By Adding These Foods To Your Diet

It is essential to be on a healthy eating routine if you want to get in shape, since 80-90 % of the lost weight depends on the sort of food that you consume. In any case, you can just include healthy foods, and avoid going on a strict diet where there is not much allowed.

Change your way of life and turn towards healthy foods, consume only healthy things and don’t even consider the bad or junk food, and focus on how much sustenance you eat and the time when you eat.

Here are the 25 best healthy foods that are beneficial in keeping you fit and you ought to consume these foods and burn fat.

1. Avocado

Avocados are a rich source of supplements and are low in sugar content. One review, which was published in the Nutritional diary, demonstrated that we can bring down the appetite by 40% for a few hours after we eat half a fresh avocado.

Avocado can be added in the serving of mixed greens and also avocado-based oil and it will expand the carotenoid ingestion by 3 to 5 times. It can likewise enhance the digestion and lift the levels of energy because of its rich substance of monounsaturated fats.

Beans and Legumes

Vegetables and beans are a rich source in fiber and protein, and they pass the digestive tract gradually, giving a feeling of fullness, and they can likewise prevent hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia and control glucose.

They can likewise promote the creation of cholecystoknin – effective craving suppressant and furthermore enhance the balance of micro-organisms.

3. Berries

They are abundant in antioxidants, for example, vitamins A, C and K and they have low amount of calories and sugar. They are additionally rich in dietary fiber, which is effective in slowing the intake of sugar and gives a sentiment of satiety.

4. Pear and apple

Apples and pear are extremely high in fiber, and contain low amount of calories. For instance, a medium size apple has 95 calories – which is around 5% of the suggested daily admission of calories, and a little size pear has 86 calories – which is under 5% of the suggested daily calorie allowance in a healthy eating regimen.

They are additionally high in dietary fiber.

One review was led in which 49 people between the ages of 30 to 50 were involved, and they ate3 pears or apples or oat treats. The outcomes demonstrated that the women that consumed apples or pears were losing weight and the others that consumed oat treats did not.

It is likewise advised to consume the apples and pear with their skin on, to get all the healthy nutrients.

5. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is considered as the most efficient food for burning fat. It advances the generation of cholecystoknin – which stifles the craving and furthermore has a ‘negative calorie’ – which makes it to burn a larger number of calories than it really has.

It is additionally productive in bringing down the levels of insulin and thus it obstructs the fat development.
So it is advised to consume plenty of grapefruit, regardless of whether for lunch or breakfast. The thick and unsweetened juice of grapefruit likewise offers various medical advantages.

6. Whole Grain

Consuming whole grain in normal quantities can give different medical advantages, rather than devouring not refined, white bread. Devour quinoa, brown rice, whole oats, whole grain line, sorghum, grain, wild rice, and buckwheat.

Researcher from the Wake Forrest University found that consuming 2.5 meals a day can diminish the danger of cardiovascular sickness by even 21%. Germ and grain are obliterated during refining and they are really the most nutritious fixings.

7. Salmon

Salmon is rich in valuable supplements, for example, Omega-3 unsaturated fats (4,023mg for every 178 grams of salmon), and they can enhance the inclination and the brain work.

The Omega 3 is additionally useful in obstructing metabolic infection and obesity, help in the metabolic procedure and calms irritation. Salmon is extremely rich in amino acids and proteins that can expand the effectiveness of insulin and treat the irritation of the digestive tract.

Salmon is plentiful in iodine, helps in improving the thyroid organ work.

8. Grapes

Grapes are exceptionally high in phytonutrients like polyphenol and phenols, and this gives them strong calming properties that can obstruct obesity, metabolic infection and inflammation.

The American Diabetes Association has demonstrated that the polyphenols can lower oxidative anxiety caused by fructose and furthermore improve insulin intolerance. However, then again, grapes are additionally plentiful in fructose and calories, so it is not prescribed to eat more than 1 — 5 mugs of them every day.

9. Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is regularly utilized as a part of different pastries due to its sweetness. Sweet potato is additionally rich in anti-inflammatory supplements and antioxidants that can enhance the capacity of the heart, the digestive system and the eyes.

Sweet potato likewise has a low Glycemic record – which is the speed that it liberates sugar in the circulatory system.

It is likewise a rich source of dietary fiber and it can control the glucose levels, which is useful in keeping the pace of digestion consistent, and therefore it gives adequate time for the digestive tract to change the starches into basic sugars.

It is recommended to consume boiled sweet potato.

10. Green Tea

The Japanese and the Chinese have kept the green tea as their secret for staying slim, since it can burn the excess fat. This is because of its substance of Epigallocatechin gallate-EGCG and caffeine the two most capable fixings in burning fat.

Green tea likewise is full with adequate measure of caffeine to raise aerobic performance and burn fat, and the EGCG is an antioxidant that can raise the level of norenephrine which is a hormone that produces vitality by separating the fat cells.

11. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is high in potassium, fiber, Folate, and vitamins C and K. it is additionally rich in essential supplements that can enhance the blood flow and furthermore enhance the activity execution, and in this manner it is advised to devour it before working out.

There are numerous ways you can eat pomegranate – as a concentrate supplement, as a juice or fresh.

12. Eggs

The suggested daily intake of cholesterol on a daily basis by the USDA is 300 mg and a medium size egg contains 161 mg of cholesterol. On the other hand, it is useful as they don’t raise the levels of cholesterol; however they really control the outcomes.

Eggs are likewise plentiful in omega — 3 unsaturated fats – healthy fat and furthermore in proteins, and they contain low sugars and calories. Eggs can bring down the craving and increment the sentiment of satiety.

13. Soup

Devouring a healthy soup gives various medical advantages and it gives a sentiment of satiety. Yet, it is not advised to eat a creamed-based and cheddar soup since they are high in calories.

14. Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are additionally extremely advantageous in losing weigh on the grounds that they give a feeling of satiety. So consume more spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, since they are high in fiber and supplements and contain only couple of starches and calories.

15. Apple Cider Vinegar

You can weaken apple juice vinegar with water and include it in the salad dressings. It has low measure of calories and rich in acetic acid which can lower the fat development. It can bring down the postprandial glycemia and this improves the insulin affectability in diabetes sort 2.

16. Nuts

Nuts are high in fiber, omega-3 unsaturated fats –healthy fats and protein. Devour the nuts that have little calories like almonds, pistachios, and cashews and don’t eat macadamia and pecans.

One review was led which included 65 overweightt grown-ups ( 70 with diabetes sort 2 ), and the outcomes demonstrated that the members lost 7% more body weight when they took 3-ounce almond supplement in combination to the 1,000 calories per day in fluid eating routine.

17. Lean Beef

Beef is high in protein and it is gainful in getting thinner, and it additionally diminishes the appetite for around 60%.

Lean beef is high in zinc, phosphorus, Niacin, vitamin B12, protein, and iron. Despite what might be expected, processed meat can really raise the chance of heart illness.

18. Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is extremely high in protein, and 85 grams of chicken breast only contains 2 grams of saturated fats and 22 grams of protein. Consuming chicken breast can enhance the digestion and lessens the hunger.

19. Plain Green Yogurt

Greek yogurt has a considerable measure of protein and is little amount of sodium, carbs and sugar. By having little carbs it is additionally has little lactose.

Yet, it is likewise plentiful in probiotics that can control the bad bacteria and enhance metabolism. It is advised to consume it plain, unsweetened and unflavored Greek yogurt, and you can add it in your smoothies, vegetables, and different meals.

20. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is high in unsaturated fats that can regulate the level of blood cholesterol, cure seizures of epilepsy and enhance the capacity of the brain.

It is likewise high in MCT – medium chain triglycerides which are processed very simply and after that they are converted into energy, and contrasted with the long chain triglycerides that are converted over in fat and put away in the liver.

It can bring down the appetite which leads to diminished calorie consummation on a daily basis. Coconut oil can be added to numerous meals and taken in various ways; however the best one is to use it as a cough syrup with a spoon.

21. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are high in omega-3 unsaturated fats, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and protein. They are a rich wellspring of protein, and because of that it is utilized as meat substitute for vegetarians.

They are low in calories and they are high in fiber and in this manner they are extremely helpful in losing weight. You can add them in your veggies, juices, cereals, and smoothies.

22. Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables have little amount of calories and fat and they are high in folic acid (vital for pregnant ladies), Vitamins A and C , fiber, carotenoids, and they are watercress, Bok Choy, arugula, radish, mustard greens, turnip, daikon, collard greens, radish, broccoli, and kale.

They are valuable in giving the adequate measures of these supplements, and help weight reduction and metabolism.
23. Cinnamon

Cinnamon was generally used for a long time. It is high in antioxidants that can block free radical harm and soothe inflammation. Devouring cinnamon all the time can build lean muscle mass, fasting blood glucose levels and diminishes the LDL cholesterol.

It can help in the metabolic process since it can back off the processing of starches in the digestive tract and can bring down the glucose level that goes inside the blood system.

Cinnamon can be added in your smoothies and sweets.

24. Red Pepper

Chili peppers are high in capsaicin which is effective in bringing down the hunger and burning fat.
Devouring red pepper can advance weight reduction. Devouring chili peppers offers burning sensation in the mouth, and it offers thermogenesis – a procedure that burns the fat even 20 minutes after the meals.

BodyBuilder.com advises you to follow these 6 hints for getting in shape:

  • Diversity – it is imperative to eat assortment of various sustenance.
  • Adequacy – the level of activity should be coordinated by the measure of food intake.
  • Nutrient thickness – it is advised to eat supplement rich foods since they can bring down the high energy dense, and nourishment with low supplements.
  • Moderation – it is likewise vital to eat moderate measures of nourishment.
  • Balance – don’t eat excessively of one sort of sustenance.
  • Energy control – it is essential not to get over the permitted calorie intake and know precisely the required measure of vitality.

Conclusion — consume these sorts of nourishments as they accelerate the weight reduction and advance fat burning. It is likewise advised to drink plenty of water with the goal to hydrate your body and get the healthy advantages from these foods.

This Syrup Can Treat Headaches, Colds, Cough, Sore Throat And Stomach Cramps

This Remedy Will Help You Get Rid Of White Hair Forever


A lot of people are not even aware that a simple and apparently harmless problem with the gums can actually result with tooth loss. The dentists are all worried about the so called ‘receding gums’.

You may be familiar with this problem, and it is a dental problem there is a little space between gums and teeth. This appears as a result of the withdrawal of gums and the teeth are left uncovered. These little spaces get full with bacteria and it leads to huge pain as a result of the negative effect of the roots.

Then our teeth become highly sensitive. And there is irreversible damage caused to the supportive tissue and the bone structure by the bacterial infections and then we lose our teeth.


It is quite common for people to develop receding gums, but the bad thing is that people do not treat this problem properly and they neglect it, and the main culprit of this is the slow development of the recession. So you need to examine your teeth for the first signs of this issue. It is best to treat and hinder this problem before it becomes more serious.

Check these following symptoms:

  1. Toothache
  2. Teeth that seem to be larger and longer
  3. Increased sensitivity

But what actually causes the ‘receding gums’? Here are some of the main reasons for it:

  1. Brushing your teeth too hard does not clean the teeth better and make them brighter. Pushing too hard can actually cause damage to the tooth enamel and this is the main reason for the appearance of receding gums. So try brushing your teeth with gentle movements.
  2. Genetics can be another reason for the appearance of receding gums. Sadly you cannot prevent this from happening, but it will be helpful to be aware and accept the situation.
  3. Bacterial infections can lead to periodontal diseases. These types of infections are detrimental to the bone that offers support to the teeth and also damages the gums. This is not harmless problem, and it can be the reason for serious tooth loss.
  4. Many people put piercing on their lips or tongue. This can also affect you oral health, as the piercing can be the main culprit of erosion of gums as it rubs on them.
  5. Another reason for this problem are the hormonal changes that interrupt the proper functioning of the body and also leads to gum recession. This condition of the body makes it to be very fragile and sensitive.
  6. Receding gums can also appear as a result of high tobacco ingestion and it leads to accumulation plaque on the teeth. This is not very unbelievable.
  7. Another thing that contributes to gum recession is the extra pressure that we put on our teeth by grinding and clenching. So to protect your teeth and prevent many problems you should not do this anymore. You can also develop gum receding by using more force in case your lower and upper teeth do not meet as they should.
  8. Tartar can also cause gym receding by pushing the gums upwards when it gets between the teeth. So it is very important to brush and flush your teeth properly and on a regular basis.


Once you notice even the smallest space between your gums and teeth, you should visit the dentist. You will get a treatment of tooth scaling, which is actually a process of taking out the plaque and tartar from the spaces between the teeth and cleaning the gums.

There is also a change that you be advised to undergo a gum surgery, if the condition is more serious. In this procedure they will graft the soft tissue. This way they will improve the regeneration of bone and any lost tissue. In some cases they even perform a pocked depth reduction.

But there are natural homemade treatments that you can use if your condition is not very serious. This way you will cure your health condition without the need of medical procedure. These natural remedies are highly efficient if you use them properly.


This is a commonly used treatment for cavities due to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. You can reduce the accumulation of plaque by eliminating all the toxins in the oral cavity. Sesame oil has the ability to cover the teeth and thus protect them. You just need to heat a little bit the sesame oil and then swish it in your mouth for a few minutes. To obtain the best effect you should do this on a daily basis for 15-20 minutes.

Coconut oil is also as efficient as sesame oil. It offers powerful antibacterial properties.


Green tea is also very efficient in this case because it has powerful healing properties. It can also battle the free radical because of its rich content of antioxidants. This can prevent many diseases. The free radicals are the main reason for the appearance of the periodontal illness, which is the base of receding gums. Catechins – which are powerful antioxidants are also contained in green tea and they can treat periodontal issues. Catechins are also efficient in making the connection of gums and teeth stronger. Green tea can also treat swelling and it offers powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The appearance of inflammation can make the problem even worse, and you certainly do not need that.


Aloe vera is frequently used product for care of the skin. It has the ability to reduce inflammation and also repairs the structure of the cells. It is very efficient in reducing inflammation and that is why it is very helpful for conditions like receding gums. Numerous people utilize aloe vera because of its powerful antibacterial properties.


In case of a toothache, people often utilize clove oil for its ability to act as a numbing agent. Halitosis can also be treated with clove oil. You should rub 1—2 drops of this oil on your gums, if you decide to use this remedy. But if you are on medications for blood clotting, you need to consult your doctor first.

Eucalyptus oil is considered as a powerful germicide. It is powerful in eliminating germs and hinders oral illnesses. You should also mix the eucalyptus oil with water before you rub it on the gums.

Using myrrh oil is also very beneficial. First you need to crush it into tiny pieces and mix it with some water and then put it on the affected gums.


Lemon oil is commonly used as antiseptic and antibacterial agent. You can apply it on your gums to promote the reconstruction of gum. It is also efficient in the treatment of halitosis.

Lemon oil is perfect for use in the oral cavity because it offers mild antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It is highly efficient in the process of gum regeneration and the growth of the gums. Because of its refreshing and nice scent it is also very efficient in eliminating bad breath. But do not use too much and too often lemon oil, because it may be harmful for the tooth enamel. It is recommended to apply lemon oil once a week. Do not utilize potent essential oils and prepare a homemade lemon oil to protect the tooth enamel.


Needed ingredients:

  • 1/2 or 1 fresh lemon, juiced
  • 1/4 or 1/2 cup olive oil


  • Mix all the ingredients in a glass jar.
  • Close it tightly with a lid and shake.
  • Then place the mixture in a dark place in order for it to become an infusion.
  • Leave it for several weeks and the remedy is ready.
  • You should shake the remedy every day.
  • You can apply the homemade remedy after 3-4 weeks.
  • Just put some lemon oil on the toothbrush.
  • Brush the teeth for a few minutes with gentle movements.
  • You should perform this 1-2 times a week. It is not recommended to use it very often because it can lead other health problems.


Everyone hates cleaning the house – it takes a lot of time to do it, and can be pretty boring. However, today we’re going to show you a few tips and tricks that will make the cleaning of your home fun and easy.


Continue reading below to learn more!

1.Prevent your doors from closing due to a draft with a few rubber bands placed like in the picture above.

2.Put a soft tab on the walls in front of your car in the garage to prevent damaging them when opening your car.

3.Remove your children’s paintings from the walls and other surfaces with the help of KH7 and other degreasing products.

4.If you have a gum stuck on your carpet, you can easily remove it by putting an ice cube over it until it freezes. This will make the removal easier.

5.If you have nail holes in your walls, rub a bar of soap on them until they’re filled.

6.Rub your furniture with a bar of soap to restore its glow.

7.Put a rubber band in a screw when screwing it down like on the picture above to prevent it from moving around.

8.Keep tape bands on your walls with some silicone when painting your walls to prevent the paint from spreading.

9.Soak the screws you’re using in nail polish in order to allow them to enter the hole easier.

10.If your door is squeaky, just spray some machine oil in the hinges.

11.Put a drop of silicone on the ends of your kitchen cabinet door handles to prevent them from damaging other parts of the kitchen.

12.To remove lime from your shower head, just fill a plastic bag with vinegar and hot water and secure it over the head. The lime should disappear in just one day.

13.Adding a bit of talc on your door hinges will also prevent them from squeaking.

14.If your pet is shedding hairs all around your home, you can remove them from the carpet and sofa easily with a clean crystal brush.

15.Wax painting can help you cover any holes in your walls.

16.To clean hardwood floors easily, use a mixture of lemon juice and fabric softener.

17.If your TV is constantly dusty, wipe it with a cloth soaked in lemon juice. This will keep the dust away from the TV for longer.

18.To remove odors from the microwave, put a glass of lemon juice and cinnamon powder inside and cook it for 5 minutes.

19.To make your bathroom shiny and lime-free, rub a lemon cut in half on everything and rinse with warm water.